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At Green Rack Systems we have been saying for a long time how this emphatic shift towards clean energy is inescapable. A November study by AFCOM finds that "greening of the data center is no longer just a concept - it is actually taking place", and on a large scale, with 71.3% of all survey respondents indicating that they are actively engaged in Greening. Now, thanks to Executive Order 13514 requiring rigid energy efficiency targets, even Federal agencies have to follow what they preach by taking the lead on reducing greenhouse gas emissions by 2020. Further, they will have to divert 50% of their waste by 2015 and arrive at a net-zero energy building requirements by 2030 for all of its 500,000 buildings. This will be made possible by key changes made in their massive IT departments, servers and data centers. The laudable target of net-zero for their buildings wou... (more)

Trends in Green Job Market

The chart you see was published last week from and demonstrates the incredible surge of "green" or "sustainability" jobs. From 2005 - 2009, there has been a greater than 600% increase in these types of job. Interestingly, prior to July 2005, Indeed shows that these type of job postings were not available. Click to read my previous blog post on "A Future Trend in the Job Market" for resources and potential training initiatives for these types of positions. Click the "Sustainability Jobs" link below to view the current listings Indeed has posted for Green / Sustainability Jobs. Cross posted  at Career Design Coach ... (more)

Copenhagen Climate Summit Ends – What Did They Accomplish?

"The Heads of State, Heads of Government, Ministers, and other heads of delegation present at the United Nations Climate Change Conference 2009 in Copenhagen,… Have agreed on this Copenhagen Accord which is operational immediately." And so ends the Copenhagen Climate Summit. But what did the participants agree to? Was it substantial enough to make a difference? Did they silence the skeptics? Will Sarah Palin finally believe Alaska is melting into the North Pacific? German Chancellor Angela Merkel defends the Copenhagen climate summit. In an interview with the German news source Bild am Sonntag Merkel stated "Copenhagen is a first step toward a new world climate order - no more, but also no less. Anyone who just badmouths Copenhagen now is engaging in the business of those who are applying the brakes rather than moving forward." The climate conference ended Saturday w... (more)

Acid or Green Rain from Cloud Computing?

The world's data centers collectively are said to be producing more carbon emissions than consumers within many countries (Italy, The Netherlands and Argentina are some of the more headline-grabbing examples that have been cited of late). "The whole industry must be more efficient" is an all too common battle cry, in reaction to that. But does that really wash - or is it just more greenwash? As the need for computing technology grows, we are seeing more and more organizations considering building in house data centres, which will lead to a huge overall increase in carbon emissions. It's madness, really, when the data they are storing and processing could be residing on someone else's servers, under an outsourcing agreement. This is all about economies of scale. After all, a business that has only a single rack, or very few racks, in its data centre still has to pow... (more)

A Cold, Wet Blanket of Politics Covers the Copenhagen Climate Summit

The headlines say it all… "Further commitment needed to break negotiation deadlock." The rich nations vs. the poor nations. Industrialists vs. environmentalists. And at the end of the day, looking out over the Pacific Ocean towards Catalina Island from Long Beach, the dense brown sludge of polluted air is a constant reminder we are dumping horrifying amounts of human waste into the oceans and air. California Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger says "world policymakers do not have to choose between a clean environment and economic growth." Schwarzenegger believes people worried about climate change should pay more attention to companies, universities and "ordinary folks" and not put so much emphasis on a multinational consensus. (AP) If you listen to the entrepreneurs and innovators in Silicon Valley, they would tend to agree with Governor Schwarzenegger. Green tech is be... (more)

Employee Driven Sustainability

Imagine a situation where sustainability is second nature of all employees in your company. There is deep sustainability culture in your company and it shows in every aspect of your company operations. Your products are eco friendly and demand premium prices, your entire supply chain is carbon neutral and cost efficient, your data centers are fully utilized and energy efficient, your marketing is naturally green, and your brand is rated as most environment friendly. Not only this your employees are highly motivated which leads to higher retention and the best talent available wants to work for your company. This situation can be a reality and can be achieved through employee driven environmental sustainability efforts. But it might not be achievable today, due to the behavioral and cultural issues surrounding environmental sustainability. Over a long time, employee... (more)

Australia’s Green Supply Could Be the Envy of the World

Despite the global recovery, sixteen countries have had their ratings downgraded since the start of 2010 showing a prevalent commercial risk. However, Australia has bucked the trend with its risk grade being upgraded and even championed as the "safest country to invest". However, to maintain strong trading relationships and to continue to attract foreign investment to their shores, Australia must at the very minimum be building a secure supply chain that matches their inevitable growth. So Australia's business leaders are uniting with their global partners with this in mind at the illustrious Next Generation Supply Chain congress scheduled to be held in Queensland. The closed private committee, which includes thought leaders from Australia's Divisions of Coca-Cola, McDonalds, Bayer, BlueScope Steel and Quantas are set to re-evaluate existing processes to ensure that ... (more)

New Hotel Policy: Green, or Disgusting?

Here's the little sign I found on my unchanged bed in my hotel room yesterday afternoon. The pic is a little blurry. Here's what the sign says: "Bedsheets that are washed daily in thousands of hotels around the world use millions of gallons of water and a lot of detergent. "Please leave this card on the bed if you do not want your sheets changed. "Thank-you for helping us conserve the Earth's vital resources." The rhetoric here is certainly self-righteous and high-flown enough to qualify as a legitimate political point of view. But isn't this just a dodge? Isn't this just a way to rationalize why the hotel doesn't want to pay to have its rooms cleaned every day? Even worse, this hotel has a policy of sending its maids around every other day, so even if you want those sheets changed on, say, Sunday, there's a good chance they won't be changed until Monday. The place does have... (more)

Gen-Y: America's Youth Weighs In On Making Cars Cool Again

The future of the auto industry will likely be driven by the choices and tastes of the largest generation since the baby boomers, Generation Y. At 75 million strong and coming of age, this Generation may re-shape everything, and the auto industry better be ready. To help prepare the industry for this dynamic age group, Deloitte issued the results of a survey today which analyzes Generation Y's relationship with the automobile. The survey, "Connecting with Gen Y: Making Cars Cool Again" sheds some insight into what captures the automotive imagination of this Generation. Though the idea of "cool" varies, the survey found that the underlining qualifications, not up for negotiation, are safety and comfort. "According to a book by Chris Isidore, "Young and Looking for Wheels," it is estimated that Gen Y "will be buying one out of every four new U.S. vehicles purchased by... (more) Recognizes Top Cars for Today's Lifestyles With 2009 Lifestyle Awards

The automotive experts at hit the streets in dozens of vehicles this year and can now announce their top vehicle picks for a variety of lifestyle segments as part of the 2009 Lifestyle Awards. Winners include Green Car of the Year, 2009 Toyota Prius; Family Car of the Year, 2009 Ford Flex; Work Car of the Year, 2009 Dodge Ram 1500; and Play Car of the Year, 2009 BMW M3. Developed to recognize the vehicles that are best suited for the lifestyle needs of today's car buyers, the Lifestyle Awards highlight the top choices from's Lifestyle Buying Guide. This site feature helps shoppers identify the right car for them based on their personal lifestyle needs, whether they're looking to purchase a new car for a growing family, a ride for weekend fun or a set of wheels that can withstand the rigors of a ... (more)

Hong Kong’s First Pure-Electric Taxis Begin Service, Revolutionizing Public Transport

Today, BYD announced the launch of Hong Kong’s first all-electric taxi fleet, BYD e6 electric cross-over sedan at a launch ceremony held at the Hong Kong Science Park. BYD closely collaborated with Sime Darby Motors Group (Sime Darby), Hong Kong Taxi & Public Light Bus Association Limited, The Link Management Limited, CLP Power Hong Kong Limited and The Hong Kong Electric Company Limited to place into service the first batch of 45, BYD e6 Taxis. BYD also announced that the e6 “Taxi version” and e6 “Premier” sedan were now officially on sale in Hong Kong. Mr. John Tsang Chun-wah, the GBM, JP, Financial Secretary of the Hong Kong Special Administrative Regional Government welcomed BYD to Hong Kong and reaffirmed his commitment to “promoting environmental sustainability by laying the foundation for Hong Kong to become a zero emissions city.” Hongkong first pure electr... (more)